A ray of hope in the dispute over the independence of the Polish judiciary: the Polish government has again expressed itself in breach of the treaty, anti-European and anti-Polish on the matter.

But the notorious disciplinary body is apparently no longer to be active in this form.

Of course, we will still have to look closely to see to what extent the Poles are actually fulfilling their obligations.

The relenting, even if it is not called that, shows that the European procedures and decisions in Warsaw have not remained without effect. Indeed, Poland has a lot to lose, and not just money. It is priceless to be part of a unique legal community like the European Union. Freedom, economic strength and prosperity are based on it. Anyone who still has memories of communist rule should understand that.

Of course, it is also true that the debate about the future and nature of the European Union must continue. This includes the question of controlling European institutions and balancing out the legal systems. The association of states that the European countries have created while preserving their national identities must, however, be recognized in principle. Anyone who seriously sees "colonialism" at work here has not understood anything or does not want to understand anything - but he must understand that a European Union cannot be created with such an attitude.