China News Service, August 8th (Sweet). In just a few days of the Tokyo Olympics, the Australian team continued to report violations and troubles...

  In the men's hockey final on the 5th, Australia lost to Belgium and eventually won the silver medal.

After the defeat, five Australian athletes ran out of the Olympic Village in the early hours of the next morning, violating epidemic prevention regulations.

Three people bought wine, "trying to relieve their sorrow."

Image source: Screenshot of the British "Guardian" report.

  Soon afterwards, the head of the Australian delegation, Ian Chesterman, confirmed the news and said that five athletes had been admonished.

  "They felt deep regret and disappointed their teammates." But Chesterman went on to explain, "The athletes did not cause any harm outside the Olympic Village, nor did they cause any harm in the Olympic Village..."

  According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 8th, James McLeod, director of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Unity and National Olympic Committee Relations Department, responded that the IOC will quickly find out which athletes violated the Tokyo Olympics epidemic prevention regulations. , Which includes Australian athletes.

  However, foreign media said that many people are not surprised by the violations of Australian athletes.

  After all, this is not the first time they have been exposed to such behavior.

According to statistics from the British "Guardian", this incident is already the fourth violation by an Australian athlete in this Tokyo Olympic Games.

Image source: Screenshot of Reuters report.

  Earlier, Australian rugby and rowing athletes were exposed before leaving the Olympic Village and severely damaged the room.

  What they did included "making a hole" in the wall, leaving vomit, and destroying the cardboard bed.

In the end, it left the room in a "chaotic and unacceptable" state.

  At that time, Chesterman also stood up, arguing that the damage was actually small, "Some young people made mistakes and they left the room under unacceptable circumstances."

  There are also reports of Australian athletes making trouble on the flight back home.

Some athletes made loud noises after being drunk, disturbing other passengers on the plane, and a member of the football team allegedly vomited on the plane, rendering the plane’s bathroom unusable.

  The Australian Rugby Association said it has been told that rugby and football players have acted "unacceptably" on the flight back home, and the agency has launched an investigation.

  Regarding the behavior of Australian athletes, some netizens bluntly said "shame", this is the "typically idle Australian youth."

Image source: screenshots from social media.

Image source: screenshots from social media.

  Some netizens sarcastically said, "The mental age of Australian athletes is only 10 years old."

Image source: screenshots from social media.

  Some people also commented, "Compared with other athletes, it's a shameful display."

Image source: screenshots from social media.