On Saturday, SMHI issued class 1 warnings for heavy rain in Södermanland, Stockholm, Uppsala, Västmanland, Dalarna, Gävleborg and counties.

- It is rain from the Baltics that draws in and will go over eastern Svealand, up over the valleys and southern Norrland, says Nils Holmqvist.

The rain is expected in the afternoon and evening, and it can be between 30 and 50 millimeters.

- Normally it will be between 30 to 90 millimeters in August so you can say that there may be half a month of precipitation, says Nils Holmqvist.

Hopefully rain-free Olympic celebration

There is also a risk of thunder, and you should be careful on the roads as there may be floods.

- There can be problems on the roads, especially at viaducts.

Tonight at 19 the Swedish national team will be received and paid tribute at Stockholm Stadium for their Olympic silver.

- Probably most of the rain and thunder has gone away then but there are no guarantees, says Nils Holmqvist.

Unstable weather ahead

At the beginning of next week, the rain will continue over northern Norrland and some southwesterly winds are also expected.

- It will be quite unstable weather in the future, just over 20 degrees in most places.

Swedish summer simply, no powerful high pressure, says Nils Holmqvist.

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SVT's meteorologist, Nils Holmqvist, explains how much 234 mm of rain is - and what heavy summer rain means for the amounts of snow this winter.

Photo: SVT