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In the great course of uniting and leading the Chinese people for a hundred years of struggle, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese language and written industry to move forward, successfully promoted the most profound and extensive changes and development in thousands of years, and wrote a glorious chapter in the history of Chinese language and written development. Created a great miracle in the history of human civilization development.

Looking back on our party’s hundred-year glorious course of leading the language and writing industry, and drawing from it the wisdom and power to continue to forge ahead, it has very important practical and long-term historical significance.

  For one hundred years, the Communist Party of China has always stood at the forefront of the development of history and the times, centered on the goal of continuously advancing the cause of Chinese revolution, construction, and reform, promoted profound changes in Chinese language life, and led the hundreds of vicissitudes of Chinese language and writing industry. .

  During the period of the New Democratic Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Communists have always been active advocates, promoters and practitioners of the changes in Chinese language life.

In the early revolutionary activities, our party actively advocated and promoted the vernacular movement, the national language movement, the popularization of literature and art, and the new writing movement, and proposed "using the language that workers and peasants can understand and that they are close to."

In the Soviet area, the anti-Japanese base areas, and the liberated areas, our party actively established education, carried out literacy education and literacy campaigns, and at the same time proposed "to learn the language from the masses."

All of these have brought language and writing closer to the public, benefiting the public, ending the two thousand years of history of separation of language and writing in our country, breaking the barriers of language and writing, and also playing a huge role for our party to publicize and educate the masses and to unite and mobilize the public. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the language policy and practice have made extensive and in-depth exploration and accumulation.

  During the period of socialist revolution and construction, the Party Central Committee grasped my country's basic national conditions, language conditions, and economic and social development needs, and deployed and promoted the three major tasks of simplifying Chinese characters, promoting Mandarin, and formulating and implementing the Hanyu Pinyin plan.

A language work organization has been established, the "Chinese Character Simplification Plan" and the "Hanyu Pinyin Plan" have been formulated and announced, and the Mandarin with Beijing phonetic as the standard sound has been established and the first Mandarin phonetic examination has been carried out. Mandarin has been vigorously promoted and the literacy campaign has been widely carried out.

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, it has established basic language policies and institutional mechanisms in line with my country’s national conditions and development path, formulated and implemented a series of basic language standards and standards, in order to develop education, improve the scientific and cultural quality of hundreds of millions of people, and eliminate language communication. Obstacles and promote economic and social development have laid a solid foundation.

The new Chinese language and writing business has a brilliant start and is on the track of rapid development.

  In the new era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, our party will coordinate the domestic and international situations, centering on the goal of promoting the standardization, standardization, informatization, and legalization of language and writing, and promote the language and writing industry to keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate, and take a new step. Steps.

Continuously improve and improve the language laws and regulations and standards. "The state promotes the national standard of Putonghua" into the constitution, the national standard language law is promulgated and implemented, and a large number of language standards and standards such as the "General Standard Chinese Characters Table" are developed and released; vigorously promote language and writing Informatization construction has overcome the problem of Chinese character computer input and output, and developed a Chinese character laser phototypesetting system; improved the language work system and mechanism, comprehensively promoted and standardized the use of national common spoken and written languages, and developed foreign language education for reform, opening up, and socialist modernization. Played a powerful boost and guarantee role.

  Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core attaches great importance to language work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has given important instructions and instructions on many occasions, profoundly clarifying the fundamental position and role of the language and writing industry in forging the consciousness of the Chinese nation's community, strengthening cultural self-confidence, serving the national economy and the people's livelihood, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Unswervingly promote the popularization of the national standard spoken and written language, achieving the historical goal of basic popularization across the country, and initially realized the dream of the Chinese nation of "the same text and the same pronunciation of books" for thousands of years.

The language and writing cause helps fight poverty, promotes the inheritance and innovation of Chinese excellent language and culture and global dissemination, promotes the innovative development of international Chinese education, promotes the exchanges and integration of various ethnic groups, and promotes the exchange and mutual learning of Chinese and foreign civilizations.

The National Conference on Language and Writing was successfully held, and the language and writing industry entered a new stage of high-quality development.

  For one hundred years, the Communist Party of China has always adhered to the Marxist standpoints, viewpoints and methods, and guided the language and writing undertakings with the theoretical innovations of the Sinicization of Marxism. It has explored and accumulated valuable experience in the development of the party’s leading language and writing undertakings in practice.

One is to insist on putting the people at the center.

"The people's position is the fundamental political position of a Marxist party." "The Communist Party of China is a party that seeks happiness for the broad masses of people. Since its establishment, it has written serving the people on the banner of the party."

For one hundred years, our party has always adhered to the Marxist view of language and the masses, and safeguarded the people's dominant position in the study, use, and development of language.

Always adhere to the value pursuit of the people's supremacy, and maintain and develop the language rights and interests of the majority of the people, meet the people's language education and language service needs, promote the overall development of people, and enhance people's livelihood and welfare, as the fundamental starting point and goal of the development of language and writing undertakings point.

Always insisting on fully relying on the wisdom and strength of the people to promote the development of the language and writing industry, the people's enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity have been maximized, the development results will benefit all the people more and more equitably, and have won the support of the broadest masses of people and support.

The second is to insist on seeking truth from facts and following the law.

Seeking truth from facts is the quintessence and soul of Marxism, and "always the fundamental requirement of the Chinese Communists to understand and transform the world."

Over the past 100 years, our party has always adhered to the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, proceeding from reality in everything, correctly understanding and grasping my country's basic national conditions, language conditions, and the characteristics and development laws of the language and writing cause, and understanding and following the development laws of language and writing.

Always adhere to the integration of theory with practice to formulate and form correct language policies, policies and systems, adhere to the dialectical unity of the subjectivity and diversity of language, promote the standardization, standardization and healthy development of language, and maintain the harmony and health of social language life.

Always insist on testing and discovering the truth in practice, be brave to stick to the truth, correct mistakes, understand, judge and solve the contradictions and problems in the reform and development of the language and writing industry with a scientific spirit, and correctly lead the reform and development of the language and writing industry.

The third is to insist on advancing with the times, keeping integrity and innovation.

"The way of all benefits keeps pace with the times", "The ones who know and know the changes will win, and those who keep the integrity and innovators advance."

For one hundred years, our party has always adhered to the requirements of the development of the times, social changes and technological progress, advancing with the times to promote the development and improvement of language policies, concepts, systems, and standards, and continuously promote the innovation of language work systems and mechanisms, and innovation in practice. Technological innovation, grasp the historical initiative of the development of Chinese language and writing industry.

Always adhere to the unity of integrity and innovation, firmly follow the development path of the socialist language cause with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the people-centered development of the language cause, maintain long-term stability in the basic policies and systems of language, language planning advances with the times, and the language cause Long-term goals and phased tasks are organically connected, and the scientificity and practicability, inheritance and timeliness of language norms are harmonized, so that the will of the party and the state, the will of the people, and the development of language and pragmatics are highly unified.

The fourth is to adhere to the center and serve the overall situation.

For one hundred years, our party has always insisted on integrating the language and writing cause into the overall development of the party and the country. In all historical periods, the party’s language and writing cause has always been closely centered on the party’s goals and unswervingly implemented the party’s line, principles and policies. Resolutely obey and serve the party's central tasks and strategic arrangements, play a powerful role in promoting China's revolution, construction, and reform, and provide strong guarantees and support, and have made important and irreplaceable contributions.

The party’s language and writing cause has always adhered to the party’s ideals and beliefs, practiced the party’s fundamental purpose, kept in mind the original intention, assumed the mission, continued to struggle, planned, deployed, and promoted the reform and development of the cause, and continuously improved the ability and ability to serve the overall development of the party and the country. Level, in the great leap of the Chinese nation from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong, wrote the magnificent history of the language and writing career.

  The glorious course and successful practice of the Chinese Communist Party leading the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the language and writing industry over the past century, resoundingly answered why the Chinese Communist Party can, why Marxism is practiced, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good. It fully proves that adhering to the Party’s overall leadership is the development of Chinese language and writing. The fundamental guarantee of career.

  A hundred years is exactly the glory of prosperity.

Standing at a new historical starting point and striving to advance the reform and development of the language and writing industry in the new era, we must unswervingly adhere to the party’s overall leadership, thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s celebration of the Communist Party of China The spirit of the important speech at the centennial meeting of the founding of the founding of the centenary, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the great party building, always adhere to and continuously enrich the valuable experience of the party’s leadership in the development of language and writing, and coordinate the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the great changes unseen in the world in a century. Recognize the new characteristics and new requirements brought about by the changes in the main contradictions of our society, deeply understand the new contradictions and new challenges brought about by the complex international environment, based on the new development stage, fully, accurately and fully implement the new development concept, actively serve and integrate into the construction of new development To promote the high-quality development of language and writing undertakings, strive to open up a new era in the development of language and writing undertakings in a new era, and make new and greater contributions to the Chinese dream of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Author: Liu Pengjian, Director of the Institute of Language Application, Ministry of Education)