Wang Mingdong, Director of the Radar Workshop of a Naval Factory——

Solve maintenance problems with drones

  After a busy day of work, Wang Mingdong dragged his tired body and walked straight to the door.

  It was late at night, and the moonlight shone through the bright glass on a drone indoors, and the silver-white wings looked like a pair of open wings.

Wang Mingdong stopped and stroked the battle-tested "old comrade", his thoughts became active again.

  This drone is Wang Mingdong's "baby". It has been tempered in research and experimentation. Many of Wang Mingdong's design ideas are verified step by step through it.

  Wang Mingdong is the director of the radar workshop of a certain naval plant, and is often responsible for organizing workshop workers to carry out radar maintenance and support work.

Engaged in radar repair for more than 20 years, Wang Mingdong has used scientific methods to carry out scientific research and innovation to solve the problem of different types of radar failures, and unreservedly imparted these valuable experiences to the officers and soldiers of the army.

  "Scientific research in a repair shop? You are a repairman, but you are at the heart of an expert." For a while, colleagues' doubts gradually increased.

Someone quietly reminded Wang Mingdong: "It's enough to do your job step by step."

  Wang Mingdong did not approve of these words.

"Compared with experts in scientific research institutes, maintenance workers have a unique advantage-they are always on the front line of radar support, have more opportunities to communicate with officers and soldiers, and are more able to meet the needs of the army to carry out scientific research."

  Shipborne radar calibration is a problem recognized in the world.

In the past, ships must dock at a fixed mooring point and refer to a fixed calibration tower in order to achieve the calibration of azimuth and distance.

This kind of calibration method is affected by urban architecture, time-consuming, laborious and inefficient.

  "This is a'blocking point' in the radar support work. If it is not resolved as soon as possible, it will restrict the generation of combat effectiveness." Wang Mingdong saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart.

During that time, he ran into a number of military units, conducted extensive research, and worked out a variety of plans, which were overthrown one by one.

  By chance, Wang Mingdong saw someone using a drone to take aerial photography. This scene ignited his inspiration.

It didn't take long for Wang Mingdong to put forward the idea of ​​"Using drones for altitude calibration".

  Since then, the drone has become his inseparable "comrade-in-arms."

After get off work, Wang Mingdong took the initiative to work overtime to learn the professional theoretical knowledge of drones, and then compared the instructions to carry out operational exercises.

After a few months, Wang Mingdong was able to operate drones proficiently.

  Project planning, field tests, precision calculations... After multiple rounds of verification, this achievement was recognized by superiors and won the first prize of military scientific and technological progress.

  After winning the award, Wang Mingdong's pressure was even greater.

How to better transform the results into combat effectiveness?

This is a question he has been thinking about.

  In combination with daily repair tasks, Wang Mingdong continued to explore the use of the new calibration system, and successfully compiled the "Guidelines for Calibration of Certain Types of Radar", which was promoted and applied in the front line of naval vessel maintenance, and was highly praised by the majority of officers and soldiers.

  "The work of radar support is not as simple as adjusting circuits and repairing parts. If you pay more attention and think hard, you will surely find a solution to the problem." Wang Mingdong often tells the workshop workers that the equipment support is connected to the combat effectiveness of the troops and the scientific research results are more grounded. Qi can contribute to the combat effectiveness of the troops.

  Lei Bin Zhang Yi