Two days after rocket fire against Israel from Lebanon, the Israeli army carried out strikes on its neighbor. 

Three rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Wednesday: two projectiles landed on Israeli soil in Israel and the third did not cross the border, according to the IDF.

It had first responded with artillery strikes and then with air strikes on Lebanon, the first raids in years.

The army again carried out strikes on Friday after "more than 10 rockets were fired" from Lebanon into Israel, according to a military statement, which did not report any casualties.

A "very dangerous" escalation, according to the United Nations Interim Force

“Most of the rockets were intercepted by the air defense system,” the IDF said in a statement.

While the shots were not initially claimed, Hezbollah said on August 6 that it had launched dozens of rockets targeting the territories of the disputed Mount Dov region in response to Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon.

For its part, the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL), deployed in southern Lebanon to act as a buffer between the two countries, denounced a “very dangerous” escalation at the border. 

In 2006, the last major confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah left more than 1,200 dead on the Lebanese side, mostly civilians, and 160 on the Israeli side, mostly soldiers.


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