, August 6, according to a report from the American Chinese network, the 27-year marriage of Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates has officially ended.

Gates said frankly on the 4th that this was "a source of great sadness" for him.

  Gates, 65, and Melinda, 56, announced their divorce in May, and their divorce documents came into effect on August 2.

Data map: Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates.

  On the evening of the 4th local time, Gates said: "This is a sad milestone. Melinda is a wonderful person, and the marriage we ended up made me feel very sad."

  According to the agreement, Gates and Melinda will continue to jointly manage the Gates Foundation. If they decide that they cannot continue to cooperate after two years, Melinda will resign as co-chair and trustee.

As part of the agreement, Melinda will obtain resources from Gates to engage in her own charitable work.

  Gates said that Melinda's stay at the foundation is "absolutely the best thing."

She has incredible strengths and can help the foundation become better.

"We have always enjoyed working together."

  After the couple announced their divorce, there were reports that Gates had an affair and had pursued female subordinates at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation.

  In response to these rumors, Gates said: "I am reflecting... I need to look forward at the moment. My job is very important to me, and our family will heal as much as possible and learn from what has happened."

  Melinda also said that she was uncomfortable with the relationship between Gates and the late billionaire Epstein.

  According to reports, the friendship between the two began in 2011.

Three years ago, news of Epstein sexually assaulting underage girls and forcing young women into prostitution surfaced, and eventually committed suicide in prison.

  In response to his friendship with Epstein, Gates said: "It was a huge mistake for me to spend time with him and give him credibility. There are many people in the same situation, but I made a mistake. "

  Gates also said that he had "several dinners" with Epstein, and only hoped that he would "provide billions of dollars in charitable donations for global health through his contacts."

And when the expected funds "looked like it was not real," he stopped interacting with Epstein.