The DPP has come to harvest the Olympic "political achievements" again?

Don't let politics override sporting events

  Recently, due to his outstanding performance at the Tokyo Olympics, Lin Yunru, a player of the Chinese Taipei delegation, has numerous fans on both sides of the strait. Netizens on both sides of the strait have cheered for his game and praised him for his “good mentality and good business and a promising future.” “Good. Kind of!"

  This post-00 teenager, who is cordially called "Little Lin's younger brother" by mainland netizens, won the bronze medal in the table tennis mixed doubles with her partner Zheng Yijing in this Olympics.

Although he lost the match against Fan Zhendong of the Chinese delegation, Lin Yunru's performance was amazing and he became famous in the first battle.

Some mainland netizens left a message on his Weibo, "Whoever wins the medal in the end is the pride of our Chinese people."

  However, after Lin Yunru became famous, Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, executive director Su Zhenchang, DPP member of Yilan City Changjiang Congyuan and other island politicians took the opportunity to join in the fun and get a good result. The credit goes to the DPP.

  In fact, for competitive sports, the island has not formulated a reasonable policy, nor has it allocated a sufficient budget to nurture players.

Many athletes cannot get enough budget from the DPP authorities, so they have to train at their own expense, go abroad to compete, and even carry a lot of debts.

Some netizens on the island said vividly that if you want to be an athlete in Taiwan, you must be prepared to "pay yourself and be consumed."

In this regard, some people in the media on the island lamented that Taiwan’s political environment has made people crazy.

  Some media and netizens on the island started to hype Lin Yunru's personal information, including hiring a mainland coach at his own expense and going to the mainland to participate in training, etc., pushing Lin Yunru to the forefront.

The DPP authorities responded that "Lin Yunru cannot be regarded as a mainland training."

Lin Maorong, chairman of the Taiwan Table Tennis Association, is also looking for opportunities to discredit the mainland, "deliberately not allowing better coaches and sparring partners to guide Lin Yunru, and he is quite wary of him."

  However, the truth is that in the face of the inconvenience caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the mainland has expressed its willingness to provide convenience for Taiwanese athletes to participate in and relocation training within the scope of the rules, and to provide for participants of the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics. The vaccine plan includes Taiwan.

  From January to February this year, Zheng Jiaqi, Lin Yunru, Zheng Yijing and other Taiwanese athletes, together with the Chinese National Table Tennis Team and the Hainan Provincial Table Tennis Team, had a closed training session for one and a half months. Lin Yunru and others also Was vaccinated against the new crown in the mainland.

  During the Spring Festival, Lin Yunru also posted his dumplings on Weibo, as well as a group photo of him and all the training team members.

Lin Yunru and Zheng Yijing also get along very well with athletes from mainland China.

On Zheng Yijing's birthday, the national table tennis players Sun Yingsha, Wang Chuqin and others attended the party and sent their blessings.

The little ping-pong ball has become a bond of affection between the two sides of the strait.

Athletes and coaches on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have established a deep friendship in the field of competitions and transfer training exchanges over the years.

  Lin Yunru's outstanding performance showed the good mental state and national courage of the Chinese people. This is the common pride of our Chinese on both sides of the strait.

I advise certain people on the island not to allow political interference to override sports events, so that cross-strait sports exchanges can return to their original beauty.

(Text/Guo Dalu)