Every season, the quality of the bathing water is measured three times and at Motala municipality's latest measurement, it turned out that there were high levels of e-coli bacteria at Strandbadet in Borensberg and Jerusalemsbadet south of Motala.

Due to this, the bathing water is described as unusable and the municipality advises against swimming at the sites.

- Both children, adults and animals can get sick from these bacteria.

It can manifest itself in different ways, but for example stomach illness and fever can be symptoms, says operations and facility manager Thomas Martinsson, on the municipality's website.

Comparative bathing water samples will be received in a few days.

See when SVT Nyheter Öst recently visited Strandbadet, which has had problems with Canada geese, in the video below.

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Hear Fredrik Feldt, technical manager at Motala municipality, tell why the plastic net was set up at the bathing site in Borensberg and what the visitors think in the video above.

Photo: SVT