(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Ministry of Education of China: "One school, one policy" is required to start school in autumn, and schools in high-risk areas are temporarily suspended

  China News Service, Beijing, August 5 (Reporter Ying Ni) Liu Peijun, deputy director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education and First Inspector of the Ministry of Education of China, talked about the arrangements for the start of this fall in Beijing on the 5th. Policy", if there are still middle-high-risk areas at the beginning of school, the opening of schools in the middle-high-risk areas will be postponed, and students in the middle-high-risk areas will be postponed to return to school to ensure orderly, healthy and safe teaching.

  On the same day, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council of China held a press conference on further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control situation.

Liu Peijun said that the Ministry of Education is working with provincial education departments to study the start of school this fall and prevention and control work in accordance with the principles of territorial management, and will issue a notice before the start of school to deploy work for this fall semester.

  Liu Peijun said that for the specific schedule of school opening, choice of methods, as well as epidemic prevention and control measures and education and teaching arrangements, each region requires one case for each province, one policy for each school according to local conditions, and policies for schools to ensure that they adapt to different situations and make school start arrangements based on facts.

  Liu Peijun said that the most urgent task is for local education departments to make the start of the autumn school a prominent focus of epidemic prevention and control, study and judge in advance, deploy in advance, and act forward, and guide local schools in accordance with the management and control policies of their territories and the epidemic situation to make a good teaching plan and epidemic situation. The prevention and control plan and emergency response plan, make overall arrangements for the school's education and teaching, management services, resources and technology, personnel, clean environment, and necessary emergency places, etc., to make full preparations for the start of the autumn school.

  Liu Peijun said that before returning to school, the Ministry of Education will issue work notices for the fall semester of this year, hold a video conference on the start of the fall semester of the national education system, and organize a video conference for consultation with experts on epidemic prevention and control in the education system; it will be revised and issued with relevant departments. Technical solutions for epidemic prevention and control in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and at the same time continue to do a good job of vaccination of eligible teachers and students.