The French Constitutional Council has approved the tightening of the corona restrictions in the country.

The judges found the new regulations passed by parliament on Thursday to be constitutional.

The expansion of the regulations on the health passport and the compulsory vaccination for health workers can thus come into force on Monday as planned.

There had been mass protests across France in recent weeks against the plans.

However, the constitutional guardians have now come to the conclusion that the health pass provides a “balanced” compromise solution between civil liberties in public space and health protection.

The document provides information about a survived corona disease, a vaccination or a negative test.

This health pass must be presented from Monday on when entering restaurants and cafés, trains, airplanes, long-distance coaches, health facilities, some shopping centers, trade fairs and fairs.

This has been the case for cultural and leisure facilities since July.

The constitutional judges emphasized, however, that the new regulations on access to health facilities should not lead to people who need medical treatment not receiving it.

They also rejected a provision in the law that would have allowed fixed-term workers without a health passport to be dismissed early.

The opposition had tried in vain to prevent the entire package of measures through the involvement of the Constitutional Council.

Left-wing MPs see the principle of equality for all citizens in jeopardy.

They pointed to the lower proportion of vaccinated people in poorer sections of the population and warned that the regulations would further exacerbate social inequality.