Chef Burak breaks into the fire to put out the fires in Turkey


The famous Turkish chef, Burak, posted on his account on the “Instagram” website, a picture of the moment he approached the fire to put out the fires in the Antalya region, which broke out in a series of Turkey fires that spread in the forests recently.

Chef Burak said: "In Antalya I followed the path to the fire and came here. It's not just a tree burning here, it's our souls and other souls breathing the same air."

Burak explained that he did not find enough words to describe his feelings, stressing that what the fire looked like from afar was completely different from what he saw when he was close to it.

On his Twitter account, Chef Burak posted a video of assembling fire extinguishers for Turkey's firefighting efforts, saying, "I'm just trying to do my best. I will always continue," and expressed his wishes that all the contributors' efforts to put out the fires will be crowned with success.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had announced earlier that his country was battling the worst forest fires in its history.

High temperatures, humidity and strong winds are fanning the flames, killing eight people so far as a result of Turkey's fires, and Turkish authorities have evacuated thousands, including tourists, in several areas.

Many of the fires broke out near major resorts on the southern coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean.

The Turkish authorities said they managed to put out a fire that was threatening a coal-fired power station in the southwest of the country that was ravaged by the fires, after the ship evacuated workers and residents when the fire broke out on the station grounds.

More than 150 fires have broken out over the past nine days across southwestern Turkey, fueled by high temperatures and strong, dry winds that have also caused wildfires to spread to other Mediterranean countries, including Greece, Reuters reported.

Sadece elimden geleni yapmaya çalışıyorum.Her zaman da devam edeceğim.

— Burak Özdemir (@CznBurak) August 4, 2021

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