The Bank of England, the central bank of the United Kingdom, has decided to continue large-scale monetary easing measures, recognizing that the accelerating rise in prices due to the economic recovery is temporary. ..

As a result of the regular meeting held until the day before, the Bank of England kept the policy interest rate at 0.1%, which is the lowest level ever, and bought government bonds to supply a large amount of funds to the market, the scale of quantitative easing. Announced that it has decided to maintain.

In the UK, where vaccination against the new coronavirus is progressing, economic activity has resumed completely, and inflation has accelerated, exceeding the 2% price increase targeted by the Bank of England. ..

In this regard, the Bank of England has indicated that inflation will reach 4% from October to December, and will tolerate accelerating inflation as temporary. I did.

On the other hand, at this meeting, some committee members also said that the scale of quantitative easing should be reduced, and the focus is on how to consider reviewing large-scale monetary easing measures in the future. Will be.