It has been confirmed that the division commander of the Gangwon-do Eastern Front Army unit was accused of a second offense of sexual harassment and was excluded from work.

According to the army and military sources today (the 5th), a victim of sexual harassment that occurred at the unit this year recently reported the commander of Division A to the military police.

The victim is known to have claimed that the 'second offense' was caused by the fact that the rumor spread while the head of Division A mentioned his case as a case in an accident prevention training course for unit officers early last month.

In response, Division A was reported to claim that the incident was included in the educational material, but did not directly mention it.

The Army plans to take measures separately from the victim in a way that excludes them from today's work because Division A has failed to fulfill his duty to protect victims of sexual harassment, while the headquarters' central investigation team will investigate the case.

An army official said, "In order to eradicate sexual violence crimes and protect victims, we are handling them strictly in accordance with relevant laws and procedures, regardless of rank."