China Overseas Chinese Network, August 4, title: The Danish Olympic champion not only plays well, but also speaks Chinese well!

  On the evening of August 2, Danish badminton player Ansailong defeated Chinese player Chen Long in the men's singles final of the Tokyo Olympic Games and won the gold medal.

The picture shows "Ssangyong" exchanging each other's jerseys on the field.

This is their 10th year as opponents after their first encounter in 2012.

Image source: Visual China

  This is the first Olympic gold medal of Axelsen. At the same time, he became the second European to win the Olympic badminton men's singles after Larson in 1996.

  After becoming an Olympic champion, Ansailong appeared on Weibo hot search, but not because of badminton, but because of his Chinese.

  It turned out that Axelion posted a video in proficient Chinese immediately after winning the championship, thanking the athletes who participated in the competition and the people who supported him. The video also specifically mentioned Chinese athlete Chen Long, expressing that he looked forward to the next "Double Dragon Meeting". !

  In the video, fluent Chinese and humble attitude have made Axelson a large group of Chinese fans. Netizens have called out: "Win gold, you are worth it!"; some netizens said, "Welcome to China often"...

  Ansailong first went to China to participate in a training camp when he was 12 years old, and he forged a bond with China.

  Later, Arcelon started to learn Chinese because of his interest.

On many Chinese social media, Axelon has opened accounts and often publishes photos of his life, recent competitions and learning Chinese in Chinese...

  Because of fluent Chinese and love of Chinese culture, Axelon has always been regarded by Chinese fans as its own person. On Chinese social media, Axelon has nearly one million fans.

  Ansailong is the Chinese name he gave himself. His original name is Victor Asalson. The surname "安" is taken from the homophony of his surname. "Sailong" expresses his expectation of defeating the strong. .

  At the Tokyo Olympics, Axelson made his expectations a reality. After winning the final 2-0, he did not lose any game on the way to win the Tokyo Men's Singles Championship.

The picture shows the Danish player Ansailong in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  Knowing that he was on the hot search because of his Chinese, Ansailong once again stated on social media: There is still a lot of room for improvement in his Chinese!

  (Source: China News Network, The Paper, Sina Weibo, Badminton Magazine, Xinmin Evening News, etc.; Author: Xu Wenxin; ID: qiaowangzhongguo)