Optimize the supply of active consumption and benefit the people's livelihood (going well in the second half of the first year)

  Commodity consumption has picked up significantly, service consumption has resumed faster, new types of consumption are booming, and supply and price stability are effective and effective... In the first half of the year, the overall consumer market showed a steady recovery and continued recovery.

  The constant release of consumer enthusiasm reflects the gradual recovery of domestic demand.

Looking forward to the second half of the year, under the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, all parties are adopting measures such as accurately grasping demand, optimizing and upgrading services, and providing more guarantees to better play the fundamental role of consumption.


  Developed a three-year plan for stimulating the potential of commerce and commerce and promoting the upgrading of commerce and consumption, and implemented the five major actions of "Excellent Products, Prospering the City, Strengthening Business, Wangke, and MRT". In recent years, Pingxiang, Jiangxi has vigorously promoted consumption upgrades and achieved remarkable results.

  In the first half of this year, under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Pingxiang achieved a total retail sales of consumer goods of 16.835 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.3%.

The four major industries of wholesale, retail, and catering in the consumer goods market maintained rapid growth. Among them, the turnover of the catering industry increased by 49.2% year-on-year, ranking first in Jiangxi Province in terms of growth rate.

The night economy becomes a consumption accelerator

  In the evening, the lights on Nanzheng Street in Pingxiang were first turned on, and the evening breeze brought a refreshing breeze in summer.

The intangible cultural heritage craftsmen who make sugar people, the vendors selling special snacks, and the special food shops all lit up neon lights.

Citizen Mr. Dong took his daughter who was in elementary school through the old city gate "Yumen", looking for various kinds of food.

  Ms. Ding, the stall owner who sells the local specialty snack "Flower Butterfly", comes to the stall every evening to prepare for the lively night market.

"Standing here for two hours every night, and it can sell for more than 1,000 yuan a night on weekends." Ms. Ding said.

  Nanzheng Street, which began construction in 2019, is a key urban landmark of Pingxiang. There are 106 merchants, mainly special food, supplemented by related businesses such as culture and tourism.

It is also an important carrier for local efforts to develop the night economy.

  "Night economy can effectively stimulate consumer enthusiasm." said Zhou Mingheng, chief of the market operation section of the Pingxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

Grasping the focus of the night economy, Pingxiang has built 4 municipal-level cities, including Nanzheng Street in the historical and cultural district, the new landmark of urban trend night economy in the sky, the traditional leisure night food distribution center Xiashi Food City, and the green night shopping and consumption center Runda International. The night economic development demonstration block is welcomed by local consumers, and the monthly turnover exceeds 200 million yuan.

Take multiple measures to help quality consumption

  The rich and colorful night economy benefited from the "Prosperity City" action among the five major actions.

In the "Excellent" campaign, Pingxiang emphasized brand consumption and quality consumption, giving consumers more high-quality choices.

  Wen Yuxin of Qingshan Town, Anyuan District is a big chicken farmer. He sells delicious and popular chicken.

Local officials helped him expand his business, not only selling local chickens, but also other special and high-quality agricultural products, and his business became more and more prosperous.

  By integrating resources and sharing channels, Pingxiang has actively developed superior industries such as high-quality rice, modern seed industry, grassland animal husbandry, high-efficiency vegetables and leisure agriculture, forming a good pattern of brand cultivation, brand development, brand promotion, and brand protection.

  While offline consumption is booming, online consumption in Pingxiang is also in full swing.

  "I recommend Anyuan products, I am the secretary and my endorsement." In March last year, the then Secretary of the Anyuan District Party Committee launched a live broadcast on the e-commerce platform to bring local "baby eggs" and "Yikang pigeons" and other specialty agricultural products.

  The reporter learned that since the beginning of this year, Pingxiang has carried out online sales promotion activities such as the 2021 Online New Year’s Festival and the 2021 Shuangpin Shopping Festival. Combined with Ganpin Online Shopping, Gancai Food Festival and other activities, Pingxiang has actively promoted live broadcasts, communities and other e-commerce businesses. Pattern application.

According to reports, in the first half of this year, Pingxiang’s wholesale sales reached 16.912 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.8%; retail sales reached 12.905 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.4%.

Upgrade quality to stimulate endogenous motivation

  For the local area, on the one hand, there are frequent consumption highlights in the first half of the year, and on the other side are the shortcomings that are constantly being captured.

  Li Hong, deputy director of the Pingxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said: “In Pingxiang’s current commercial consumption, there are several situations worthy of attention: one is that consumer confidence has not fully recovered, the other is the insufficient supply of mid- and high-end consumption, and the third is that the phenomenon of consumption outflow is more prominent. "

  For this reason, in the second half of the year, under the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Pingxiang will pay close attention to the consumption promotion work, highlight the potential markets such as catering, tourism, automobiles, and building materials, organize and carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, and create a strong Consumption atmosphere, active consumer market.

  Further enrich the consumption format of the night economy.

Leading new types of consumption with new business formats and new models, and accelerating the development of service consumption formats such as e-commerce, live broadcast delivery, and online culture and entertainment.

  Cultivate mid-to-high-end consumption.

Intensify the introduction of brands in the commerce sector, accelerate the promotion of the upgrading of local traditional commerce brands, and cultivate a number of high-quality brands with obvious Pingxiang characteristics.

  Make better and convenient consumption.

Vigorously implement the transformation and upgrading of the farmer's market, and fully complete the task of upgrading and transforming the farmer's market in the central urban area.

Improve community convenience facilities such as chain convenience stores, fresh food supermarkets, and residents' life service points to create a 15-minute convenient life service circle.

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