Extremist organization "Islamic State" was exposed to smuggling refugee camp boys to desert training camp

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in Egypt Huang Peizhao] According to "Arabiya" TV reported on the 4th, more than two years after its collapse, the extremist organization "Islamic State" seems to be trying to rebuild its own army by using teenagers in the deserts of eastern Syria.

It is reported that many children were smuggled from refugee camps across northeastern Syria.

  On Tuesday, the inspector general of the US Department of Defense responsible for the operations of the United States and its allies in Syria and Iraq released a report.

The report warns that, despite the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces launching a series of repressive actions, the “Islamic State” still has great influence and activity in many refugee camps, and therefore is able to recruit those “the most vulnerable.” ".

The report quoted an analysis by the US Defense Intelligence Agency that “Islamic State smuggled boys from these refugee camps to training sites in the Syrian desert.” But the report did not disclose how many children were recruited and brought into training. camp.

  U.S. military officials have repeatedly warned that the “Islamic State” may use the conditions in the refugee camps when seeking to recover its capabilities.

General McKinsey, the commander of the U.S. Central Command, once said, "Unless we find a way to take these boys out of the refugee camps, reintegrate them into society and eliminate radicalization, we will encounter a very huge military threat ten years later. "

  Anonymous US officials told the media earlier this year that they were worried that the Islamic State had turned Al Hall and other refugee camps into bases that this terrorist organization could operate.