The garden is only growing but it started small for the couple Sellbom.

- I saw a big nice stone and thought what I could do with it.

Then I realized that we could make a pond and build flower plantations around the stone and every year it has been built on, says Majvor. 

Decorate with old rusty utensils

Today, the couple runs the company "Sellebo Idéträdgård" which is based on screenings for smaller groups and groups.

In the garden, in addition to beautiful lilies, there are also mountain poppies, slingshot hats, love herbs and sulfur peonies.

Then you can look at old rusty tools, says Majvor.

Strict division of tasks

There is no doubt that their interest has been cultivated - at least ten hours a day are devoted to the work. 

- Lage is good at cooking so I can be out in the garden while he finishes dinner, says Majvor and laughs.

The husband confirms that the division of roles on the farm is strictly divided.

- Majvor takes care of the beauty and the flowers while I take care of everything that can be eaten.

The greenhouse and vegetable land are my department, says Lage.

Hope the garden will inspire

He only grows organically, such as cucumbers, chili fruits and a lot of cabbage plants.

For a food lover, it is a paradise.

- It is a huge experience to just go out and get what you need, he says and Majvor fills in:

- We hope that our garden and our plantations will inspire other people.

Majvor and Lage Sellbom have made room for a love sofa in the garden.

Photo: Majvor Sellbom / Private