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04 August 2021 Thirteen weeks of layoffs for termination of activity, so as to gain time to find a solution for the Gkn of Campi Bisenzio. This is the proposal that the Deputy Minister for Economic Development Alessandra Todde put forward at the table that was held today in Florence, and which was accepted by the company, which reserves the right to evaluate it. The table was suspended pending Gkn's reply. For Todde "having suspended the table and not having had the clear closure that was last time is certainly something different, an important thing". According to what emerges, Invitalia will also be asked to make itself available to search for an advisor.

At the table, as already on July 15, on the one hand, unions and institutions are asking for the withdrawal of the collective dismissal procedure that Gkn Driveline Firenze has launched against the 422 workers of the plant, on the other hand the company has confirmed its position again. A wall against a wall that at times raised the tone of the confrontation with Todde who allegedly accused Gkn of minimizing the receipt of public contributions in recent years for more than 3 million euros and despite this of wanting to download the social responsibility of the workers. "Restructuring is legitimate, relocations announced by email are unacceptable", underlined Todde

But the idea of ​​the 13 weeks of Cig, a possible prelude to a process for the reindustrialization of the factory, does not fully convince the unions. "It is not the right tool for a plant that is in a position to continue producing", complains Fiom, which, like other organizations, indicates the withdrawal of layoffs as an essential step to continue the discussion, and asks for regulatory action against relocations. . Todde announced that Mise is working on a regulatory intervention.