Sorry now that his life is tied to a respirator from the ICU of the Hospital La Fe in Valencia.

The last WhatsApp message that the


former Valencian motorcycle rider

Jorge Lis

sent to his sister Elena on July 13 gave off fear of the disease that he had denied so much.

He did not want to believe that Covid can kill, that it is not a fictitious virus, but he has had to go to the extreme to react.

"I am afraid Elena, that because I was a kaffir now we cannot stop this. This week has suddenly been one of my greatest life lessons. Spending a lot of time on Twitter, etc., had radicalized me to the extreme. I wish I had been vaccinated "he wrote. His sister shared this message in a column in the



to raise awareness about the danger of being a



Jorge, who toured Spanish motorcycling circuits on his Yamaha in the 90s, is now a


and manager of Superbike riders, he did not believe in the existence of Covid. He was very aware of what was happening in the United States, where he had lived for years and where 30% of the population refused to be vaccinated. He did too.

She declined the vaccine when it was offered to her

and tried to convince her family, including her 84-year-old mother, to decline as well. The discussions with his sister Elena were constant, but they could not convince him to take the doses that corresponded to him.

It was in early July when a PCR confirmed that the vomiting and fever he suffered were symptoms of Covid.

Within a week, he was admitted to the hospital to keep him under surveillance, but within hours, he developed bilateral pneumonia and went straight to the ICU,

intubated and sedated


So it has been 15 days, in "extreme gravity", according to his family.

He's hooked up to an extracorporeal oxygenation machine (ECMO) to try to get the inflammation in his lungs to subside and get them working again.

Addiction overcome

Lis dedicated her youth to motorcycling and became runner-up in 125cc junior Spain in 1996. However, the falls took him off the track and took him down a hellish path from which he managed to get out.

He himself told his story to warn of the risks of addictions.

In 2000, suffering from chronic pain, he was diagnosed with


in the United States and began to be prescribed opiates: oxycodone and vicodone.

But in 2011, without the pain disappearing and accompanied by headaches, they advised him to take fentanyl, even more powerful and more destructive.

In 2013, Jorge Lis was rehabilitated, regained his life, recounted his experience and made up for lost time.

Until the Covid appeared, which has him tied to a machine.

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