A deportation flight to Afghanistan originally planned for Tuesday evening has been canceled at short notice by the German side.

According to information from the dpa, several Afghan men who should have flown from Munich to Kabul had already been brought to the Bavarian capital at the time of the cancellation.

There was initially no official information on the reasons for the decision.

There were a number of deadly attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday.

In the past few years only men - mainly criminals and so-called terrorist threats - had been returned from Germany to Afghanistan against their will.

Federal politicians of the Greens and the Left do not consider deportations to the country to be justifiable after the recent advance of the Taliban.

In contrast, the federal government recently advocated in Kabul that deportations should still be possible in principle.

Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet made a similar statement.

Several attacks with at least four dead in Kabul

According to security forces, four people were killed in the apparently coordinated attacks in Kabul.

In addition, 20 people were injured, said a representative of the Afghan security forces of the AFP news agency.

Several explosions and shots had previously shaken the capital.

The Interior Ministry announced that all attackers had been killed.

In an initial reaction, the USA spoke of "attacks" which bear the "signature" of the Taliban.

Foreign office spokesman Ned Price told journalists in Washington that the radical Islamic fighters cannot yet be officially assigned responsibility.

"But it is the signature of the wave of Taliban attacks that we have seen in the past few weeks."

According to official information, a car bomb exploded near the home of Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi. "Don't worry, everything is fine," he tweeted a little later. The Taliban and other groups had repeatedly carried out bomb attacks in Kabul in the past.