An advancing wildfire on the outskirts of the Greek capital Athens forces thousands of residents to flee.

Firefighters were unable to contain the gigantic fire, which has now reached the northern suburbs.

Thick clouds of smoke are visible from all over Athens.

In Turkey, where the wildfires have been going on for six days, a power plant is under threat.

The fire near Athens mainly threatens Acharnes, one of the largest suburbs.

The mayor called on his citizens via television to leave their homes immediately.

Residents also received a text message from the Civil Defense.

Many residents left their homes in panic.

There are reports of people being trapped by the fire.

Power went out in several places in the region.

Elsewhere in the country, firefighters are fighting a major fire on the island of Rhodes, forcing residents of several settlements to flee. Meteorologists have been warning for days that fires of this magnitude could break out as the country remains in the grip of a heat wave expected to last all week, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees. The authorities assume that the risk of fire will remain very high even after the end of the heat wave, due to the ongoing drought in the country and the forecasted strong winds.

There is no end in sight to the drought and high temperatures in Turkey either.

There, large areas are still ravaged by persistent forest fires.

The army has now been deployed, six days after the fires broke out in the south.

According to the Defense Ministry, 400 soldiers, four helicopters and 50 fire engines have been sent to the affected areas.

In addition, police water cannons have been deployed, while local contractors and transport operators are deploying their concrete mixers and tankers.

The mayor of Milas, a town in the heart of one of the affected areas, said earlier on Tuesday that the wildfires have crossed a "critical border", opening the way to a nearby power plant.

Homes are also threatened.