Harvard’s latest poll: Biden’s approval rate has dropped by 10% from June, and respondents are most worried about the epidemic

  [Global Network Report] According to a Russian satellite network report on the 3rd, a poll conducted by the Harvard University Joint Institute for Political and Economic Issues showed that the approval rate of US President Biden dropped by 10 percentage points from 62% in June to 52. %.

In addition, the respondents' level of concern about the epidemic has also increased, while their optimism about the US economy has declined severely.

  According to reports, the survey was conducted from July 28 to 29, and the subjects of the survey were 1,788 registered voters.

According to the report, while Biden's approval rate has dropped across the board, Americans have more widespread concerns about the direction of the country's development.

Polls show that the new crown epidemic has once again become the most concerned issue of voters.

36% of people said that the new crown epidemic is the most important issue facing the country, an increase of 6 percentage points from June, when employment and economic issues topped the list of concerns.

  In addition, the survey respondents’ optimism towards the U.S. economy has also fallen sharply. In June, 49% of the respondents believed that the U.S. economy was on the right track. Now the proportion is only 43%, and 49% say the economy is on the wrong track. Higher than the 42% in June.

  According to reports, Payne, the co-leader of the poll, said that Biden’s latest approval rating shows that his "honeymoon period" after taking office has officially ended.