Federal Finance Minister and SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has sharply criticized the Union's tax cut plans.

In view of the corona-related accumulated debts, these did not fit in with the times and especially favor companies and high earners.

"The CDU / CSU program is not only unfinanced, it is also immoral in my view," said Scholz on Monday evening in Wismar in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Around 150 people accepted the SPD's invitation.

Tax gifts over 30 billion euros would result in cuts in the welfare state or in investments in the future.

"Only those who acknowledge that we have come through the crisis in solidarity and remain in solidarity after the crisis have a plan for the future for this country," emphasized Scholz.

Laschet wants tax relief

The Union with its top candidate Armin Laschet rejects tax increases and wants to completely abolish the solidarity surcharge.

According to the election program, small and medium-sized incomes are to be relieved of income tax - according to calculations by economists, however, high earners would benefit most from the plans.

The Union wants to cap taxes on profits remaining in companies "in the future" at 25 percent.

Scholz defended the high level of government aid for the economy. The federal government provided 400 billion euros to mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis and to preserve millions of jobs. “I admit that you have to do business solidly, but also counteract in a crisis,” said Scholz. The SPD politician was confident that, as after the financial crisis, a “more stable financial situation” would be achieved again in ten years at the latest.