Spain: in the face of the pandemic, the government extends aid to poor people

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appeared before the press to explain the current political and economic situation and the achievements of the government ahead of the summer recess, in Madrid, July 29, 2021. AP - Paul White

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The Spanish socialist government will extend until the end of October the aid package intended for the most deprived people, in particular those who are in a situation of vulnerability to the consequences of the pandemic.


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With our correspondent in Madrid,

 Diane Cambon

Not to abandon the most vulnerable people, those who have suffered the most economically from the consequences of the pandemic, this is the message that the Spanish left executive wants to convey to the most deprived population.

The announcement of the extension of aid until October, when it was to end on August 9, was therefore received with relief.

This measure, strongly supported by Podemos, the party which governs with the Socialists, intends to strengthen the social shield.

Thus, it is planned to extend the moratorium on the evictions of families who no longer have the means to pay their rent because of the pandemic.

Electricity cuts, water or gas cuts due to bad debts are also prohibited for families in great economic distress.

Spain, which depends economically on tourism, has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Its GDP fell 10.8% last year.

However, economic indicators point to a resumption of growth, which suggests a

recovery in employment

, which may mean the end of the tunnel for thousands of families. 

This extension of aid to the most disadvantaged comes at a time when Spain is experiencing a rapid spread of the Delta variant, especially among young people. 

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