China News Agency, Kashgar, Xinjiang, August 3 (Reporter Zhu Jingchao) Xinjiang held a special press conference in Kashgar here on the 2nd. The hotel operators, tour guides, courier brothers and other people’s representatives introduced the work in Kashgar with their own personal experience. Employment, cultural heritage protection, freedom of religious belief and other aspects of the real situation, and invite friends from all over the world to visit Kashgar, experience singing, dancing and delicacy, and feel the truth and change.

  Kashgar is an important town in southern Xinjiang, a gateway for China to open to the west, an important fulcrum in the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt, and a major tourist area in Xinjiang and an important production area for agricultural and sideline products.

  Aizizi Maimai Timing, 25 years old this year, has grown from an ordinary courier brother to the owner of a courier outlet.

He was engaged in express delivery in 2014. Because of his poor Mandarin speaking and unfamiliar business, he could only deliver 70 orders a day, and his monthly income would not exceed 3,000 yuan (RMB, the same below).

  "I secretly made up my mind and studied hard. With the help of my colleagues, I made rapid progress and gained self-confidence. In 2020, I opened my own express outlet, became the boss, and hired 2 employees." He said, Kashgar's national costumes Tourists mail home products such as, handicrafts, dried fruits and so on. Online shopping also mails domestic and foreign products to Kashgar.

Now, he completes at least 1,000 orders a day and earns 20,000 yuan a month. "The short-term plan is to find a beautiful girlfriend and get married and start a family."

  He especially said: "I saw foreign media saying that we Uyghurs are being'forced labor'. This is a big joke. Life is our own. I am willing to make money and live a good life through hard work. I hope friends from all over the world will come. Take a look at Xinjiang, the facts will tell everything."

  Tuerhong Aihemaiti, head of the Big Cherry Farmers Cooperative in Mixia Town, Shache County, led the surrounding villagers to embark on a path to enrich the people and increase income through a characteristic industry.

He introduced that in 2010, using the local government’s support policies for the development of planting industry, he and 7 partners established a cooperative. Initially, the cooperative had only 12 employees and 7 acres of cherry orchards, but now it has grown to 58 growers and cherry area. Reaching 2,800 acres, the annual dividends of cooperative employees reach 20,000 yuan.

  "Because of planting cherries, everyone has lived a well-off life, and many people have bought cars." He said: "Some unkind people say that there is'forced labor and genocide' in Xinjiang, which is obviously discrediting our lives. very good."

  Alia Abrimiti is a graduate of Kashgar Vocational Skills Education and Training Center.

At the Vocational Skills Education and Training Center, she learned the national common language, law, and participated in dance classes and tour guide classes.

After graduation, he was hired by Kashgar Ancient City Tourism Company to become a tour guide.

She saw that more and more people came to Kashgar for sightseeing and tourism. She opened a homestay in April this year. Because of its outstanding characteristics, tourists are attracted to check in. The monthly income is about 50,000 yuan. "Sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to travel to Kashgar and visit my home." .

  According to statistics, in the first half of this year, the Kashgar area received 8.639 million tourists and realized tourism income of 6.477 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.69% and 25.47% respectively.

  The commissioner of the Kashgar District Administration Office, Anivar Tursson, was invited to introduce the situation, saying that people of all ethnic groups in Kashgar are enjoying better and better lives, and their sense of happiness, gain, and security are increasing day by day. "Friends from all over the world are welcome to visit Kashgar and listen. The vivid story of Kashgar presents the real, magical and full of vitality to the world."