Chinanews, August 3 According to the official WeChat news of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued an emergency notice on comprehensively strengthening the current epidemic prevention and control work (hereinafter referred to as the notice) on the 3rd.

The notice requires that the prevention and control measures for indoor venues in the cultural and tourism industries should be further strengthened. For indoor cultural and tourism activities venues, the local epidemic prevention and control deployment requirements should be followed. Block the spread of the epidemic.

  The notice clarified that further implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements for A-level tourist attractions.

Guide A-level tourist attractions to strictly implement the requirements of "limited, appointment, and peak shifting", and strictly control the upper limit of tourist reception in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the local party committee and government.

Strictly implement the ticket reservation system to ensure that tourist information can be inquired and tracked.

Strictly implement the requirements for scanning code registration and temperature measurement before entering scenic spots, and urge tourists to implement the "one-meter noodle" and wear masks and other prevention and control measures.

Strictly implement the prevention and control requirements for key venues and key facilities such as performing arts in scenic spots, and strengthen local sanitation management and prevention and control measures for projects and venues that are prone to gathering people.

Strictly implement crowd guidance and diversion measures to prevent instantaneous gathering of people.

  The notice pointed out that to further strengthen the supervision of travel agency business.

Instruct travel agencies and online tourism companies to strengthen risk assessment and research and judgment, to timely understand and grasp the epidemic situation of tourist destinations and tourist sources, do not organize tours to high school risk areas, do not undertake high school risk area tourism teams, and do not organize high school risk areas tourist outings .

Organization agencies should pay close attention to information on the level of epidemic prevention and control in tourist destinations.

When the relevant department of the tourist destination government issues an early warning reminder for tourism or lists the relevant area as a medium or high risk level of the epidemic, the tour group that has not departed must immediately cancel or change the tour itinerary; the tour group that is already in the local area must be suspended in the local area And cooperate with relevant epidemic investigation work.

It is necessary to strengthen the health management of employees, keep abreast of employees' health status, travel trajectory, etc., conduct health code checks before taking up the job, and standardize the wearing of masks to ensure that employees are healthy and work properly.

When employees are found to have fever, cough and other related symptoms, they will promptly arrange for treatment at the nearest designated medical institution, and resolutely prevent employees from working with illness.

  The notice requires further strengthening of prevention and control measures for indoor places in the cultural and tourism industries.

Strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of star-rated hotels, theaters and other performance venues, museums, public libraries, cultural centers (stations), art galleries, A-level tourist attractions, and relatively closed spaces such as entertainment venues and Internet service venues. Hygiene management, strengthen ventilation and disinfection.

Strictly implement prevention and control measures such as code scanning and temperature measurement for personnel entering the premises, and strengthen the health monitoring and management of employees.

Minimize gathering activities in confined places.

For indoor cultural and tourist venues, in accordance with the local epidemic prevention and control deployment requirements, the current limit of the current limit, the suspension of the suspension, and the closure of the closure must resolutely block the spread of the epidemic.

  The notice stated that publicity and guidance will be further strengthened.

The cultural and tourism administrative departments of various regions should promptly carry out epidemic prevention and control knowledge propaganda through the Internet, TV, radio, reminder signs, electronic display screens, etc., popularize scientific epidemic prevention methods, and remind tourists to wear masks, wash hands frequently, take body temperature, and disinfect frequently. Do not gather, do a good job of self-protection, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations.

  The notice emphasizes that cultural and tourism administrative departments at all levels must deeply realize the extreme importance of epidemic prevention and control to the development of the culture and tourism industry, further improve political positions, adhere to the concept of "people first, life first", and always treat the lives of the people. Safety and physical health are the first priority, strengthen risk awareness and bottom-line thinking, and always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control. According to the requirements of comprehensively strict, tight, and practical epidemic prevention and control work, strictly, tightly, and We will strengthen various prevention and control measures in a detailed, pragmatic, and quick manner, and implement the original mission and achieve "two maintenances" with specific actions and actual results in epidemic prevention and control.