New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has sexually harassed several women.

This is the conclusion of the state attorney general after four months of investigating Cuomo's possible sexual misconduct.

Seven women have accused the governor of sexual harassment and improper conduct.

The 165-page report by Attorney General Letitia James states that Cuomo has repeatedly groped young women and treated them in an inappropriate manner.

The report also notes an unworkable situation in the workplace, where intimidation by Cuomo and his assistants was commonplace.

"Governor Cuomo has engaged in sexual harassment of current and former officials in violation of both local and federal laws," writes James, adding that the report paints a "deeply worrisome but clear picture" of Cuomo's actions. .

According to one of the lawyers who conducted the investigation, there were no incidents but a clear pattern.

Cuomo sexually harassed women from 2013 to 2020, the researchers note.

They said it involved sexual harassment, unwanted and inappropriate groping, kissing, hugging and comments that alleged victims called "deeply humiliating, uncomfortable, offensive or inappropriate".

Lindsey Boylan, a former government official, was the first to accuse Cuomo in December.

According to her, in 2018 he kissed her on the lips in his office and asked her to play strip poker with him.

There is not only a judicial investigation into Cuomo.

The New York State Legislature is investigating whether the governor can be impeached.

Cuomo is in his third term in office and has previously received praise for his handling of the corona crisis.

He previously refused to resign in response to the allegations against him.