Recently, 22-year-old border guard Sun Zhi started physical rehabilitation training at Xinqiao Hospital of the Army Military Medical University. He hopes that he can return to the frontier as soon as possible.

Half a month ago, a sudden accident put his life in danger. He traveled more than 3,000 kilometers to Chongqing and was rescued from the brink of life and death by military doctors at Xinqiao Hospital.

  That night, 30 minutes after Sun Zhi arrived at the hospital, an emergency operation in a race against time officially began.

After 3 hours of surgery, the main blood vessels of Sun Zhi’s right lower extremity were completely opened up. In view of the fact that the thrombus in the capillaries of the foot is not easy to remove during the operation, the military doctors also used the indwelling thrombolytic catheter during the operation. Continuous thrombolytic therapy.

  After a period of active treatment and careful care, Sun Zhi's right lower limb function has basically recovered, and the blood flow rate has gradually become normal, and relevant examinations have not found large residual thrombosis.

According to the doctor, after a period of physical training, he can recover and be discharged from the hospital.

(Yin Chuandong and Jia Nan video source from Xinqiao Hospital of Army Military Medical University)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】