His position was already known and has not changed.

Valérie Rabault, president of the PS group in the National Assembly, again pleaded on Tuesday for "compulsory vaccination for all adults", a "clear rule" in order to achieve collective immunity against Covid-19.

. @ Valerie_Rabault: "The health pass pits the French against each other, while there is no clear rule. Compulsory vaccination for all adults is a clear rule."

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- France Inter (@franceinter) August 3, 2021

Reiterating on France Inter this proposal formulated in mid-July by the Socialist deputies and senators, she argued that this would be "a clear rule, which can be implemented in a concerted manner and would make it possible to achieve 90% of the vaccinated population ”.

A health pass that "opposes the French"

The Health Insurance Funds, which “know whether or not you have been vaccinated, would call those who have not yet been vaccinated and are over 50 years old, then between 40 and 50 years old, etc.


She explained.

Valérie Rabault thus underlines her opposition to the health pass implemented by the government, "which is not a good way to go since it pits the French against each other, divides them".

A "convergence of oppositions"

She also criticized a sanitary pass controlled at the entrance to cultural establishments and soon to restaurants "without identity document", which makes it easy to cheat and will not achieve "the expected effect", namely "To roll back the epidemic and have the widest possible collective immunity".

This health pass has also provoked "a form of convergence of oppositions, of those who are against vaccination, those who are vaccinated but against the health pass, and those whose vaccination phase has not been completed and who are blocked by the pass, ”she said, when asked about the anti-pass demonstrations that gathered more than 200,000 people across France on Saturday, according to the Interior Ministry.


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