The Belgian security services have opened an investigation into the exposure of the Palestinian-Finnish film producer and actor Rami Jaber, who is currently residing in Belgium, to a death threat after he appeared in an investigation into the “What is Hidden Greatest” program on Al-Jazeera last Sunday.

Al Jazeera obtained a copy of the Belgian police investigation report into the incident, on Monday, that Rami Jaber received a phone call from an unknown person who threatened him in Arabic with bullets after his appearance on the program.

Belgian security sources told Al Jazeera that they had opened an investigation to find out the source and identity of the person who threatened Rami.

She explained that she took the threat seriously and provided special protection to Jaber until the investigations were completed.

Ramy Jaber had given an interview to the "What is Hidden is Greater" program in the eccentric investigation, which revealed the secrets of Abu Dhabi's control of a movie attacking Qatar.