She was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the gravity of the crime

«Dubai Appeal» increases the penalty for 4 convicts of the theft of 290 thousand dirhams under duress

The Dubai Court of Appeal increased the penalty of four defendants in a gang consisting of seven defendants who were previously convicted by the Criminal Court of stealing 291,000 dirhams under duress from an Asian man, after attacking him at his company's headquarters, attributing her ruling to the gravity of their crime.

The Court of Appeal decided to increase the penalty period from three years according to the ruling of the first degree to five years, in addition to fining one of them for the value of the stolen amount, and deportation after serving the sentence, while it upheld the initial sentence against the rest of the defendants.

And the Public Prosecution’s investigations into the case stated that the incident occurred last April, after the defendants met a few days before its execution in a cricket stadium, and planned their crime, after one of them provided the rest with information about the transfer of that company’s funds to Asian countries.

She indicated that they went late on the night of the execution to the building that falls under the jurisdiction of the Naif Police Station, and distributed the roles among them. One of them took over the watch, while the rest went up and one of them knocked on the door.

The investigations indicated that upon receiving the report, the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation from Dubai Police formed a team that was able, within one week, to identify the suspects and their whereabouts in the Al Muteena area. With their share of theft, they all confessed to their crime, and the victim recognized four of them in the diagnostic queue.

The victim (Asian - 44 years old) said in the Public Prosecution investigations that he opened the door of the company to be surprised by two people pushing him hard, followed by the others, who gagged his mouth and threatened him with a knife, so he could not seek help or seek help.

He added that the defendants tied his hands, forced him to reveal the key to the money safe, and seized 291,000 dirhams, then fled, pointing out that he was able to release his chains later and inform the Dubai Police.

After considering the case by the Criminal Court, it decided to imprison the defendants for three years and deport them after serving the sentence, but the Public Prosecution appealed against the ruling before the Court of Appeal, which raised the sentence to five years, stressing in its merits that given the circumstances of the incident and the gravity of the act committed by the accused, it agrees to the request The Public Prosecution Office in the matter of tightening the penalty against four defendants and obligating one of them to pay a fine of 290 thousand and six hundred dirhams.

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