China News Service, August 2nd, Zhu Lilun, the former chairman of the Kuomintang, announced his candidacy for the chairman of the Kuomintang on his personal social media on the 2nd.

  Zhu Lilun said, "There is hope for change. Regain leadership to change."

Data map: Zhu Lilun.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Xiaoyuan

  He said that facing the plight of the Kuomintang today, as a member of the party, he has an unshirkable responsibility. He also invites everyone to join the ranks of change and change the Kuomintang.

  Taiwan’s “China Times Electronic News” reported on the 2nd that people familiar with the matter said that Zhu Lilun was fully prepared for the election, except for the intensive ground organization battles in the past few weeks, meetings with people from all walks of life, and informed the election decision, policies and routes. It has been deployed for a long time.

The election manifesto pointed out that the KMT should return to its superiority and the general direction it should take. It is reported that the follow-up itinerary will successively throw out policies and party affairs plans.

  The voting for the re-election of the Kuomintang chairman will be held on September 25.