, August 2nd. According to the "Europe Times" WeChat public account "East to West", with the advent of the French government's official implementation of the new policy for epidemic prevention of health passes, the French Chinese catering industry is actively responding and striving to implement the new policy for epidemic prevention. At the same time, the service is continuously improved, so that every guest who comes to dine can feel at ease.

  On the afternoon of July 30, local time, Huang Meina, the president of the French Asian Catering Federation, visited several restaurants of the association members, and learned more about the epidemic prevention and sanitation conditions of each restaurant, and reminded the members of the association to make all preparations carefully. Once the government The health pass policy has been formally implemented, and all association member restaurants can serve in an orderly, healthy and orderly manner.

  A supervisor of "Liu Yishou" Hot Pot Paris Headquarters said that they conduct health checkups such as temperature measurement on employees every day. After employees arrive in the store, they must carry out a series of disinfection and sanitation protection.

The restaurant has cancelled the paper menu and adopted the QR code to scan the order.

After the business closes every day, the staff will further disinfect and clean the restaurant.

The restaurant disseminated information on the implementation of health passes to every employee.

  The person in charge of the restaurant "Master Mao Lu Xiaochuan" thanked the French Asian Catering Federation and President Huang Meina for their concern about the restaurant.

The person in charge said that the restaurant always pays attention to the various epidemic prevention policies and epidemic prevention trends of the French government, and makes all preparations for the implementation of the health pass.

  Huang Meina reminded that it is now the traditional summer vacation period in France, and the tourism industry has not resumed. There may not be as many diners as before. However, epidemic prevention work must be regarded as the top priority and do not relax your vigilance. .

Huang Meina said that even though the guests have a health pass, they are still reminded to do a certain amount of protection when eating, because this is necessary for the restaurant and the guests, and only adequate health and safety is the fundamental.

  It is reported that the French Asian Catering Federation is still sending messages to the various WeChat groups of the association to remind members to strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and do a good job in epidemic prevention.

At that time, implement the health pass to avoid unnecessary trouble.