Chinanews, August 2nd. According to the US "World Journal" report, in the United States, the non-profit organization San Gabriel Valley Compassion (Compassion in SGV) established this year and the Kung Fu Association held an event in a park in San Gabriel on the 1st. The extraordinary public self-defense seminar attracted nearly a hundred people to participate, and all ethnic groups, men, women, young and old, learned the essentials of self-defense together.

  The Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel City was very lively on the morning of the 1st. A group of people gathered on the lawn to practice "Kung Fu". The Kung Fu Association (Kong's Siu Lum Pai Kung Fu Association) was teaching self-defense on the spot.

  He said that public security is worrying, and incidents of hatred of Asians occur frequently. Both men, women and children should master the most basic self-defense skills.

Of course, when there is danger, the first thing to do in the face of the gangster is to leave or flee quickly, and if there is no way to retreat, you have to fight back.

If you take your child out of the house, you must not let the child out of your sight. If there is an accident or kidnapping, you will be caught off guard.

  He teaches basic self-defense skills on the spot, such as maintaining a standing posture with one leg in front of and behind one leg in the face of threats, so that you can attack the enemy with your knees. At the same time, you must know how to use your body's strength to break away from the opponent's restraint when you are grasped by the opponent's arm.

When the opponent is attacked, they must flee immediately.

  Some women at the scene practiced with gusto. One woman said that she used to feel that she was not strong enough to fight against tall gangsters, but after training, she felt that it was not impossible.

  Ms. Liang, a Chinese parent from Alhambra, said that she sent her children to learn kung fu three years ago. After the outbreak, public security has deteriorated. The coach often advises parents to learn some self-defense skills to protect their children in the event of an accident.

So she and the child's father learned some self-defense skills together. When a situation occurs, she has to react quickly, and if she is undecided, she will miss the opportunity.

  San Gabriel Valley Sympathy is a non-profit organization established this year to protect the rights of Asians.

They held a parade against hatred of Asians in May this year.

The spokesperson said that this is the second event they held this year. Only dozens of people were expected to attend. It was unexpected that nearly a hundred people would be there that day. This shows that everyone has a strong desire for self-defense and self-defense.

Free self-defense kits will be distributed on site, including alarms and whistles. More events will be held in the future to focus on the rights and interests of the Asian community.

(Zhang Hong)