Author: Jiang Li

  For a period of time, the United States has deviated from science and facts, politicized and stigmatized the issue of virus traceability, and even aggressively coerced it, and unscrupulously interfered with international traceability research cooperation, which has had a serious impact on international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

  In the face of the refutation of experts and scholars, they ignored him; in the face of calls for global solidarity and cooperation, they turned a deaf ear.

All mankind regards the virus and the epidemic as its greatest enemy, but the United States always secretly points its “muzzle” at its “teammates” fighting the epidemic.

  Taking into account the "bad record" of the United States in the past, some netizens have begun to speculate on its next "script".

Will they engage in another "washing powder incident" like they did with Iraq?

Will he write, direct and perform a funny "farce"?

If the nose grows 20 centimeters every time a lie is told, how many times can the American nose circle the earth now?

  Perhaps the United States firmly believes that "a lie will become the truth if it is repeated a thousand times", but it does not know if they have heard the story of "the wolf is coming".

When deceiving the world with botched lies time and time again, only the trust of the whole world will be lost, and only the sneers and contempt of others will be gained.

  I hope that some politicians will think about it, whether their political goals are more important than people's lives and health.

Planting and framing so-called "competitors" and working together to defeat the virus and epidemic that threaten all mankind, which one is important?

  If the energy of discrediting others and fabricating lies can be used in the fight against the epidemic, how many people will not be able to bear the pain of losing their loved ones?

How many people will no longer need to worry about the pandemic?

How many people will be able to regain a normal and happy life in the past?

  Is this multiple choice question difficult to do?

Not difficult!

Just a little less selfishness and malice, a little more humanity and kindness!