state of anger prevailed on social networking sites in Egypt, following the circulation of models for new coins that the Central Bank of Egypt is scheduled to put on the market in the coming months.

This is one of the rare times when many supporters and opponents of the Egyptian regime agree, as activists and tweeters criticized the weakness of the new designs, some of them said that they do not express the identity of Egypt, and others denounced the presence of the image of the newly opened Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque in the new administrative capital, considering this to ignore the mosques. historical in Egypt.

Others questioned the reason for the existence of the rainbow colors, which are a symbol of homosexuality, which was explained by some by using a substance to increase the security of the currency and prevent its counterfeiting, as these colors appear only when photographing.

For their part, activists offered alternatives to the new currencies, which they said were designed by Egyptian artists and independent creators, and that they are more beautiful and expressive of Egypt's identity and civilization.

⭕️ This is a big scandal and a sin that takes away the blessing from any paper currency.

The government/central bank/relevant ministries are responsible for the shameful act of placing the image of the flag of homosexuals on a mosque on the national currency note of the state and the Egyptian people, and they are required to correct this, hold accountable and apologize.@AlsisiOfficial @EgyptCabinet

— Hasan Sari (@HasanSari7) August 1, 2021

After provoking controversy because of the "gay" flag..# The Central Bank says that the models circulating for pictures of plastic coins are preliminary, not final and scalable models

— Monitor Network (@RassdNewsN) August 2, 2021


The wide controversy raised by the images of the new currencies prompted an official source in the Central Bank of Egypt to say that the models circulating for images of plastic coins of the ten and twenty-pound denominations are initial, not final and scalable models.

According to the source's statements to the Middle East News Agency, these models are one of several models being designed for the coins to be put on the market before the end of this year, noting that the new plastic coins are made of "polymer" and will be designed from 13 layers.

Last Saturday, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic published the news of the meeting of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi with the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank, and briefing him on samples of the new currencies.

Earlier this year, Egypt announced the introduction of environmentally friendly plastic currencies that have a longer life than the paper currency currently in circulation, and their shelf life extends to more than 10 years, compared to two years for current currencies, and they are less affected by dust and moisture.

On the occasion of the issuance of the Central Bank of Egypt, part of the new forms of banknotes, we present to you designs that were proposed by designers in an excellent and better way



— Graphic Designer / Motion Graphics (@Brandsoon11) August 1, 2021

#New_Coins How many years ago a competition was organized and Egyptian designers designed masterpiece coins, but the foreign designers of the new coins made the water mark when the light hits, it works gay flag and God knows and intended and not stupid 😎 And the

new currencies, according to officials, their design is not final and has not been approved permanently.

— Ibn Jad al-Karim 🇪 (@essagad) August 1, 2021