Ossama, son of Moroccan immigrants, worked for a long time in the assembly line in an automobile factory. But at 20, after a violent car accident, he decides he doesn't want this life anymore. He then resumed his studies to become a sports teacher. He is now a coach and helps young people in the suburbs through personal development. In this special episode of "L'Envol" adapted from the program "La France Bouge" on Europe 1, Ossama shares his story to give you, in turn, desires for a change of life.

How to widen the field of possibilities?

How to get help to find a job when you come from an unprivileged background?

And how can we trust each other?

After the testimony of Osama, the journalist of Europe 1 Carole Ferry and Adèle Galey, the presenter of the podcast "L'Envol" and co-founder of Ticket for change, decipher this subject in the company of Saïd Hammouche.

The president of the Mozaïk Foundation, and creator of Mozaïk RH, a human resources firm that celebrates the talents of young people from the least privileged areas, gives his advice to put all the chances on your side. 

Three tips to unlock the social elevator  

Make your difference an asset


When you aim high from a modest background, sometimes the professional world is discouraging.

Yet, be sure, your identity and your differences are strengths.

Have confidence in yourself! 

Agree to start small.

Breaking down walls to change your life is a real challenge that can take time.

Take it step by step.

At each level you can learn a lot.

And remember, we also learn from our failures. 

Identify the appropriate structures to support you.

Don't go it alone.

To reach higher positions you can get help.

Many specialized structures exist, such as the Elevator collective.

Professionals will help you open up your field of possibilities. 

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Specialized structure to support people in rural areas 

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