Heidi Sohlberg, 40, who became famous for the Miss Finland competition, has found a new loved one alongside her.

He talks about it in his recent Instagram update.

- I have learned in recent months that lightning can really hit the clear sky and a man can really come off the bush, Sohlberg writes.

Miss Finland of 2001 reveals that she has found a man next to her who makes her laugh every day.

Sohlberg says the new partner treats her and her two daughters well.

- He respects and values ​​me just like that.

She treats me like a flower in the palm of her hand and also my girls, which of course means a lot to me as a mother.

Sohlberg has two daughters from his former marriage to Niklas Solhberg.

The couple's marriage ended in divorce in 2018.

After several years of solitude, Heidi Sohlberg seems to have found exactly what she has been looking for in recent years.

- Thank you Könsikäs, when you came into the lives of me and the girls, he concludes the caption of his Instagram update.

Heidi Sohlberg has turned a new page in her life.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

In a picture pair released today, Sohlberg poses with his new male friend.

However, the man’s face is not visible, as Sohlberg’s new partner is not a public figure and he obviously wants to keep his identity a secret.

The last few years of Sohlberg have been difficult.

In the summer of 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and two years later she underwent a divorce.

Now, however, the difficulties seem to be behind us, as the woman received healthy papers in June and now she has found a new partner alongside her.

In May, Sohlberg said he was pleased with his current life situation.

She said she was on good terms with her ex-husband and hoped to find a new life partner somewhere alongside her again.

- I have been alone for three years and have lived a stable daily life with children.

Love is allowed to come, but I know it doesn’t come by searching.

Everything has its own time in life, Sohlberg summed up at the time.

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