- Unfortunately, this is about frivolous marketing on incorrect grounds, says Camilla Dahlén who is the rescue chief at the Rescue Service in a press release.

Camilla Dahlén emphasizes that the requirement for sweeping and control of smoke ducts from residential kitchens disappeared in 2004.

- But you as a property owner are responsible for the facility working.

Cannot replace the municipality's contractors

- If you are called by an operator who wants to offer sweeping, cleaning, or control of smoke ducts or the like, you can of course choose to hire them.

But we want to point out that there are no requirements and that it can not replace the work that the municipality's contracted contractors perform, says Camilla Dahlén in the press release.

For statutory sweeping and fire protection control, as well as cleaning of smoke ducts for commercial kitchens, the municipality refers to the companies they have entered into agreements with.