• Confindustria: Green Pass at work or job change.

    Landini: "A forcing"

  • Green pass, Landini: "We are not against it, but this is not a pretext for firing"


02 August 2021 Meeting this evening between the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the representatives of Cgil Cisl and Uil to discuss the use of the Green Pass in the workplace. Confirmation in a note from Palazzo Chigi. The point will be made on the containment measures of Covid in the workplace and a possible "extension" of the Green Pass - which certifies anti-Covid vaccination, recovery from Covid or the negative outcome of an antigenic or molecular swab - in factories , companies and public offices.  

The Confindustria hypothesis

On the subject, Confindustria had hypothesized that in order to guarantee the protection of workers, it was possible to request the presentation of the Green Pass to employees and, if they do not have it, they could be moved to another job or be suspended, with an impact also on remuneration.

The no of the unions

Hypothesis that the unions had already defined a serious violation of privacy by the company that inquires about the execution of the vaccine which is not mandatory.

The school

Another major theme is the school, in view of the reopening in September which is in fact just around the corner. The plan will be presented to the Regions on Wednesday. The key words are: in presence and adherence to the vaccination campaign. Masks and spacing required.