China News Service, Toronto, August 1st. At the time when the new crown epidemic is clearly under control and the local epidemic prevention restrictions have been substantially lifted, the Toronto Chinese Association of Canada recently held an award ceremony for the "Salute to the Same Heart in Fighting the Epidemic". Dedicated people from all walks of life, mainly in the Chinese community, and representatives of organizations and enterprises gave commendations.

  More than one hundred organizations, businesses and individuals have been awarded three groups of awards by the organizer for "Pioneer of Anti-epidemic", "Model of Love" and "Community Volunteer".

  The Chinese Federal House of Representatives Ye Jiali and Dong Hanpeng, who won the "Anti-epidemic Pioneer" award, said that the Chinese compatriots played the "first half" and then played the "second half" during the fight against the epidemic, actively and selflessly helping the communities around them and Canadian society. The scenes were moving. The scene is vivid.

Ontario Provincial Assemblyman Aris Babikian said that in the face of all kinds of groundless accusations and slanders against the Chinese, the Chinese community responded best with practical actions.

He looks forward to continuing to work hand in hand with the Chinese community to build a harmonious society.

Chen Tiancai (right), executive vice chairman of the Toronto Chinese Association, presented the "Pioneer in Anti-epidemic" award to Canadian House of Representatives Jiali Ye.

Photo by Yu Ruidong

  Canadian Chinese Professionals Association, Canadian Chinese University Alumni Association Federation, Canada China Hongmen Democratic Party Toronto Branch, Canada-China Overseas Exchange Association, Duohua Association, Canadian Federation of Fujian Associations, Canada Toronto Fuqing Chamber of Commerce, Canada Henan Association, Canadian Sichuan Association, Canadian Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce, Canada-China Business Innovation Alliance and other Chinese organizations or their leaders, as well as many community members and volunteers were commended.

  Weng Guoning, the chairman of the Toronto Chinese Association, currently in mainland China, said in a video speech that various parts of Canada are gradually restarting and life is gradually returning to normal. However, it should not be forgotten that it is the concerted efforts of everyone that today is the result. Anti-epidemic achievements.

This recognition is not only a milestone, but also a new starting point. It is expected that in the future restart, each organization and everyone will still be grateful, uphold cohesion and action, and continue to exert their own light and passion.