In an interview with The National Interest, he noted that almost every day in Moscow they come across media materials about hacker attacks on the United States, which are allegedly carried out from the territory of Russia.

“There is no evidence.

Such questions should be raised not by journalists, but by professionals.

American colleagues, if they ask for it, can count on quick and high-level assistance from the Russian side, ”Antonov said.

The diplomat added that the United States ignored Moscow's requests for cyberattacks.

According to the ambassador, there were 45 of them in 2020, and 35 in the first half of 2021.

The head of the United States Department of State Anthony Blinken said earlier that the United States would take measures against cybercriminals on the territory of other countries, including Russia. According to him, more than 20 countries supported the US version of Moscow's alleged involvement in the recent hacker attack on SolarWinds.