China News Service, August 2 According to Korean media reports, with the continued high temperature in South Korea, the prices of fruits, vegetables and broilers, which are consumed more in summer, have gradually increased.

In large supermarkets, a watermelon in South Korea sells for about 30,000 won (about 168 yuan).

  On the 1st, according to the livestock circulation information of the Korea Animal Product Quality Evaluation Institute, on July 30, the retail price of broiler chicken was 5,991 won (about 33 yuan) per kilogram. This is about 2 years after January 28, 2019. The highest price in the past month.

  According to reports, this is because the mortality rate of broiler chickens has increased as the hot weather continues.

Coupled with the prolonged period of the new crown epidemic, family-style demand is already very large, and there is also seasonal demand in summer, and prices are showing an upward trend.

  At the same time, the prices of summer vegetables and fruits are also increasing.

  According to the agricultural product distribution information of the Korea Agriculture and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation, the average price of watermelon was 23,909 won on July 30, which was a 30.5% increase from a month ago.

  In major large supermarkets, watermelons of more than 7 kilograms are sold for about 20,000 (about 112 yuan) to 30,000 won (about 168 yuan), and retail companies have also sold watermelons with a price of close to 40,000 won.

  The report pointed out that because of the hot weather, the number of people buying watermelon has increased, but the output has decreased and the price has skyrocketed.

The industry believes that the price increase trend will continue until mid-August.

  In addition, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, etc. are also affected by the continuous high temperature, resulting in a decrease in output and a sharp increase in prices.