The listeners find their usual chronicles and summer meetings among which David Castello-Lopes at 6.15 am for "the origins" a chronicle in which he returns with humor on the surprising inventions of everyday objects.

But also "The dish of the day" signed Marion Sauveur at 6:52 am, "A book for the summer" offered at 7:40 am by Stéphane Place, in partnership with the essential Mollat ​​bookstore, and "Initiatives in France" at 8:49 am.


Jean-Claude Perrin

, former French athletics trainer and European athletics consultant 

Laurent Rossi

, CEO of Alpine

Jacques Lefranc

, president of the union of French companies for the physical protection of persons

Frédéric Valletoux

, President of the French Hospital Federation

Jean-Louis DEBRÉ

, former president of the Constitutional Council Current president of the Superior Council of Archives

Frédérique Coobar

, from the Besançon tourist office