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It was alleged that a commander of the Marine Corps deployed personnel in front of the firing range and conducted shooting training at the shooting range.

According to a report posted today (2nd) with the Marines and Facebook on 'Instead of the Army Training Center (hereinafter referred to as "Army Wars"), the commander of the A Battalion of the 1st Marine Division placed an officer (sergeant) in the pit in front of the firing range at the shooting range in November of last year and took a test. shooting was carried out.

Battalion A was found to have taken these measures to more accurately check the point of the camel when the cartridge case was repeatedly lost during shooting training.

The informant also said, "Last year, during the Jeju Rapid Task Force mission, I toured the entire Olle Trail using an official vehicle on holidays, and during the joint amphibious training in April, I bought and ate sushi by myself." But I am still sitting in the battalion commander's seat."

In response, the 1st Marine Division explained, "As soon as it became aware of the relevant information from the reported content in the unit communication box, we immediately checked the facts, issued a written warning to the battalion commander, and issued a warning to the battalion's agency, and notified the unit members of the abuse and measures taken." .

The 1st Marine Division added, "Some details are currently under investigation by the Legal Office and disciplinary procedures are in progress.