Wildfires spread over a wide area in southern Turkey, killing a total of seven people, including residents and firefighters.

Large-scale fire extinguishing activities are continuing locally with the cooperation of neighboring countries.

According to the Turkish government, on July 28, a fire broke out in the mountains on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey and spread to the surrounding forests and residential areas, spreading damage to 32 prefectures by the 1st.

The fire killed a total of seven people, including residents and firefighters, and injured more than 860 people, and was taken to the hospital.

In addition, on the 1st, the resort town of Bodrum on the Aegean coast was approached by fire, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate.

In the field, large-scale fire extinguishing activities are continuing in cooperation with neighboring countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan, but it is expected that the temperature will continue to exceed 40 degrees Celsius and the air will continue to be dry, so the fire can be extinguished. It is an unpredictable situation.

President Erdogan has said that the cause of the wildfire is arson and is ready to do everything in his power to investigate.

The area affected by the forest fire is a popular tourist destination for foreigners, and there are concerns that the economy, which has been hit by the spread of the new coronavirus, will worsen.