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do we want to start the new week with a positive thought? The thing with the Salzbachtalbrücke in Wiesbaden is certainly unfortunate, but in the town hall there they really did everything that was possible to avert the traffic blackout. This includes the designation of additional lanes, optimized traffic light switching, a bypass for the B455, which is also blocked and runs across the A66, and temporary driveways. This is having an effect: For those commuting to Frankfurt in the Rheingau, the one-way trip will be around 15 minutes longer. That is more bearable than some feared after the bridge accident. With the construction of the new bridge, things cannot go fast enough for all those involved. And Oliver Bock has put together what you need to know about it. Because the first delay is already therebut we want to stay positive and are amazed at the short construction time that the new bridge is only supposed to have.

Carsten Knop


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Swimming, cycling, running: That was the program for the athletes at the Frankfurt City Triathlon on Sunday - they had free travel over four different distances, from Langener Waldsee through the city to the finish at the Hauptwache.

Because of Corona, no spectators were allowed at Langener Waldsee.

There were also restrictions at the destination, mask compulsory everywhere;

Only those who had a current negative corona test were allowed to start.

There were not so many restrictions for the motorcyclists who demonstrated on Sunday in Frankfurt on a route to and from the Rebstock site. They too had the road to themselves. But here it was not about the requirements on the day of the demonstration, but about concerns about long-term restrictions in the future - including driving bans. But it was also collected for flood victims, so good news here too. Probably only those who had other things to do in the city cursed, unless you were using public transport or your own bike.

But sometimes there are also stories that can be researched in the immediate vicinity of the editorial team, for example on a playground in the Gallusviertel. Theresa Weiß met Sarah Negusse there: she tried to explain the pandemic to migrants and what requirements there were. In such a way that people who come from other cultures understand the danger. She does that, over and over again, tirelessly, as an explanation for Corona. Negusse is a health guide. We introduce you and your important work.

And August also begins with good news about the infection situation in Hesse: the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports fewer confirmed new infections than a week ago +++ the Städelmuseum and the Columbia Threadneedle company have announced a painting competition for children from three to twelve years of age +++ The 700 primary, secondary and secondary school students of the Konrad Haenisch School in Fechenheim are to get a new barrier-free building in spring 2023.



for Monday

Today showers and individual thunderstorms are to be expected repeatedly during the day.

The sun hardly shows up at 22 degrees.


Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main, Offenbacher Landstrasse on Buchrainplatz will become a one-way street in the direction of the city center from Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 6.

A recommended detour in the direction of Offenbach leads via Wehrstraße and Gerbermühlstraße.

Cyclists and pedestrians are guided along the construction site.

Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main at the intersection of Autogenstrasse and Alte Falterstrasse, the Omega Bridge will be a one-way street in the direction of Mainzer Landstrasse from Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 20.

In addition, the Autogenstraße between Alte Falterstraße and Jungmannstraße will be completely closed to traffic.

In the opposite direction, traffic is directed via Eichenstrasse, Elektronstrasse, Alt-Griesheim and Alte Falterstrasse.

Pedestrians are led along the construction site.

From Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 6, the road to the island will be closed.

The M34 metro bus route takes a detour via Ludwig-Landmann-Straße and Hausener Weg between the Sternbrücke stop, which has been relocated a few meters, and Rödelheim Bahnhof.

The Parkweg and Alt-Rödelheim stops are no longer available.

The M72 line only runs between Northwest Center and Sternbrücke.


your birthday


Monday 2nd August

Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp

, Chairman of the Board of Management and the Family Council of E. Merck KG, Darmstadt (73);

Wolfgang Diefenbach

, artistic director and founder of the State Youth Jazz Orchestra Hesse, winner of the Hessian Culture Prize (70);

Michael Müller

, Member of the Board of Management and Labor Director of Fraport AG, Frankfurt (64);

Cathrin Schleussner

, First Chairwoman of the Clementine Children's Hospital - Dr. Christ'sche Foundation, Frankfurt (59);

Achim Kessler

(Die Linke), member of the German Bundestag, Frankfurt (57);

Carmelo Greco

, head chef at the restaurant of the same name, Frankfurt (55);

Matthias Alexander Rath

, Dressage rider, tournament director of the international festival hall riding tournament, Frankfurt (37).