The Song of Youth of the Highland Warriors

The officers and soldiers fired live ammunition.

Emergency drill vehicles were driving on mountain roads.

The officers and soldiers fired a certain type of artillery instantly.

The officers and soldiers are training to wear gas masks.

During the mountaineering training, the officers and soldiers slid down the steep slope.

  The officers and men played volleyball on the plateau.

  The Karakoram Plateau, which is more than 4900 meters above sea level, is covered with snow and ice, desolate and lonely.

The frontier warriors who live, train, and study here can burn and boil their blood with their enthusiasm and cast them among the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

  Border customs more sharpened fighting spirit

  The troops moved out and marched for a few days, and finally saw the plateau.

  Outside the poetry of the Great Wall, although I did not see the horses neighing for joy, the hearts of these young people are already galloping.

  As the superior soldier Liu Xiao imagined, on the plateau, apart from mountains, there are still mountains.

But the difference is that there is no snow on the nearby mountains, so why are the nearby mountains covered with a thick layer of ice and snow?

Whenever sunrise and dusk, under the sunshine, the mountains will be covered with a golden coat, which looks particularly beautiful.

  Some people go to the plateau to watch the scenery, while others sharpen themselves.

"Only the youth that has tasted painstakingly can paint a wonderful and heavy army." Before leaving the camp, Li Zefu, a sergeant of the firepower of the battalion, wrote this sentence on the front page of his diary, encouraging himself.

  Li Zefu was a soldier who enlisted in the army in 2011. He became a mid-level non-commissioned officer and became the squad leader of the "Sharp Squad."

  This year's plateau training, the unit allotted new plateau equipment. In order to study this "new baby" and transform it into "combat power," Li Zefu made great efforts.

  Not long ago, in accordance with the training mission issued by the unit, all the companies that issued this "new baby" had to go to an unfamiliar area with an altitude of more than 5,500 meters to carry out a two-day live ammunition training and assessment.

  After a heavy snowfall, the powerful ultraviolet rays reflected from the ground tanned everyone's faces.

At the beginning of the assessment, the class led by Li Zefu won the first place with the fewest mistakes, the shortest time, and the most hits.

  The plateau environment is harsh, and physical training is definitely not lacking.

In order to adapt to the plateau environment as soon as possible, mountaineering training has replaced long-distance running training in plain camps.

For many comrades who have gone to the plateau for the first time, it is no small test.

Private Liang Weijie is one of them.

  The height of 1.65 meters, carrying a dozen kilograms of 120mm rocket launcher climbing the mountain, three steps and one stop and gasping for breath.

Hypoxia, hypoxia, or hypoxia... With the encouragement of his comrades, his childish face showed a firm gaze and looked straight at the top of the mountain.

  This year, Liang Weijie was 18 years old.

  Youth blooms on the plateau

  There are no changeable seasons here, only long winters.

  Stationed on the plateau, 5G disappeared.

In the early stage, the way everyone got in touch with their family was a military line landline in the company communications team. Later, WiFi was connected in Dashan, but the theoretical maximum load of the wireless router was a small number of mobile phones, so everyone began to divide the time during the break. Go online.

  Nevertheless, the internet speed will still be extremely stuck, and it will take a minute or two to send a short WeChat text message.

  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the interruption of mobile phones, people’s hearts slowly calm down, and everyone starts to do some "noisy things". For example, every class will plant some easy-to-live plants: onions are soaked in water and filled with water. In the bottle, garlic in the pot with soil... Within a few days, these little lives began to bloom, which allowed the comrades with rare green plants to see "spring" and fun.

  Dong Ligang, a superior soldier, opened up a way different from everyone else: practicing calligraphy.

  Such rare things as copybooks cannot be found in the mountains. He thought of a trick: download some calligraphy works on the phone, save the pictures, and draw the gourd.

Whenever he has time, he will start from snarling.

  Three months later, Dong Ligang used to be sloppy, as if he had undergone a plastic surgery, which was very pleasing to the eye.

  Apart from the snow-capped mountains, the ones facing each other all day are snow-capped mountains.

Over time, it is inevitable that the soldiers will be homesick.

  In addition to regularly reporting safety to their family members on their mobile phones, the soldiers also used some special ways to relieve their misses.

  Private soldier Yan Shilin asked his mother to send him some daily food videos or photos. He printed out the photos and put them in his diary. After turning off the lights, he turned on his small flashlight and glanced at him, hoping to relieve his homesickness in his dreams. .

  Sergeant Cheng Jie will let his lover use his mobile phone to take pictures and share the daily life of his daughter under one year old. For example, the baby learns to cover his mouth with his hand and hit "oh oh", which makes the grandma on the side laugh from ear to ear; to the baby night tour culture In the square, lie on the ground and learn how to dance square dance with grandma; then in the evening dreamed of "fighting", beat the bed vigorously with hands and feet, and mumbled words that adults could not understand... Cheng Jie's eyebrows Suddenly, "flowers" bloomed involuntarily, and the tears gleaming from the corners of the eyes, pouring into the hope that was thousands of miles away.

  Above this high-cold and hypoxic Karakoram, the growth rate of almost all life is slower than that of the plains.

The camouflage youth stationed at an altitude of 4,900 meters is in full bloom.

  Beijing News reporter Tao Ran and correspondent Zhou Kaiwei's photo report