The second phase of the container water-rail combined transport project of Wuhan Yangluo International Port opened on August 1.

The project is not only the first port of China's Yangtze River water-rail transportation, but also the largest water-rail transportation hub on the Yangtze River and even the Inland River in China.

  The second phase of the container water-rail transport project of Yangluo International Port, which was opened on the same day, is located in the Yangluo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City.

It mainly includes three parts: wharf operation area, railway station area and subsidiary operation area.

Among them, 4 container berths have been built in the terminal operation area, and large ships of 1,140 TEUs have been reliably berthed, and the annual throughput is expected to reach 1 million TEUs; a 1,050-meter railway loading and unloading line has been built in the railway station area to realize the entire train to ship, and the annual container Water-rail combined transport operations can reach up to 500,000 TEUs; the subsidiary operation area provides supporting value-added logistics services such as unpacking, washing and repairing boxes, and empty container storage for water-rail combined transport projects.

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